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Monday, January 27, 2020
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About Us

The Muskingum Valley Baptist Association is a family of Southern Baptist churches working together to build God's Kingdom spiritually, numerically, locally, and globally. 

The Associaton includes 14 counties in East Cental Ohio, from about Zanesville in the west to St. Clairsville in the east, and from Dover/New Phildelphia in the north to Gallipolis in the south. The Ohio River marks, generally, our area's eastern and southern edges. I-77 runs north and south and I-70 east and west, intersecting at Cambridge, the geographical center of the Association, forming the crossroads of eastern Ohio.

More than 1/2 million people live within these 14 counties. It is estimated that about 72% of the people in our area have no personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and no affiliation with an existing church. Currently there are 38 churches and missions in the Muskingum Valley Baptist Association with a combined membership of about 5,000. That means there are 12,900 people per SBC church, and 85 per SBC member, who have yet to become connected to Christ and His Church. 

Across the state of Ohio, Southern Baptists have been challenged wth a 20/20 vision of reaching 1 million people for Christ and gathering them together in 2,020 congregations by the year 2020. Currently, of the 11 million population, there are about 150,000 members in 700 congregations.

We are committed to moving at "light speed", to love God and others, and to take the good news of God's forgiveness to all peoples. For a Christian, "light" is the revealed will of God, and "speed" is immediate obedience to God's will. Thus, "light speed" is immediate obedience to the voice of God. We invite you to join us in this movement of God, by praying with us for God's miracles, participating with us in God's mission, and partnering with us monetarily to support pastors serving God sacrificially.